Workshop Offerings

As a community-based artist, Lana has facilitated arts-based workshops and arts drop-in spaces for numerous schools, universities, community organizations, and businesses. Past clients include: the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board; the Ottawa Youth Services Bureau; the York Federation of Students' Access Centre, York University; RyeACCESS Equity Service Centre, Ryerson University; the Ontario Public Interest Research Group - Ottawa; Rainbow Families, Family Services Ottawa; the Creative City Centre, Regina; the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity; and the Centre for Students with Disabilities, University of Ottawa. Workshops are uniquely tailored to the specific needs of the group.


The Art of Listening

How can we care for ourselves, our relationships, and our communities with the art of active listening? What shapes our emotional labour practices? How can active listening techniques partner with conflict resolution tools to improve our connections?

As a key aspect of communication, active listening creates intimacy and minimizes conflict. An arts-based presentation, discussion, and experiential exercise will provide participants with concrete tools to strengthen active listening and conflict-resolution skills applicable to creative practice, workplace environments, every-day social interactions, and situations in which loved ones are in crisis. 


Poetic Voice: Generative Writing Session

In a warm and gentle environment, writing prompts and optional sharing will guide participants toward their authentic poetic voice. No prior experience is necessary. 


Queering Creativity: A Creativity Skill Building Workshop

Our relationship to creativity influences all aspects of life. Industrialized education and business design strategies often position rigidly linear ("straight") approaches to creativity as superior to intuitive, cyclical, and multi-directional approaches. This workshop will provide concrete tools and experiential exercises to queer our creative practices towards the aim of softening perfectionism and building self-defined productivity.


Neurodivergence and Creativity: Crafting New Futures

How has industrialized education impacted your art practice and conceptions of creativity? How can we support and envision art knowledge systems outside of industrial education? What are your conceptions of brilliance? What accessibility issues are present within local art communities? How do you experience the relationship between neurodivergence and creative expression? Collage, journalling, and group discussion will provide for an exploration of these questions in a gentle and confidential environment.

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